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When you just know your place will always be exactly as your Dominatrix tells you, you are under her control now and no matter what you feel or think or say it will now always be ignored because you are worthless and of no use to anyone anymore.Spanking and Femdom webcam training  is how it will always be when it comes to abusing pathetic creatures like you. the domiantrixes live will always make you aware of what is expected of you in any cam session so be prepared to submit to your superior right away loser.

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We love to cane a juicy ass, bending you over the crate spreading your legs and warming up the cane before we make you start to count each and every stroke that lashes that ass of yours. 1mistress, 2 mistress and the big red welts start to appear as Mistress laughs and continues with they strokes, not before dragging her long fetish nails down your bottom for extra effect.